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She Goes Wherever the Fight Takes Her

Diversity multi-ethnic and multiracial people. Silhouette group of men and women of diverse culture standing together in front of the other.

Attorney Michele Young is an all-around advocate who likes to speak for those without a voice. The problems encountered by people outside of the media spotlight typically go unrecognized and hence, unsolved. Ms. Young believes every life counts and every door that is unfairly closed ought to be opened. She will go the mat for a cause or client no matter where the fight takes her. Whether it is in front of a judge, in the court of public opinion or taking your cause to the legislature, she will stand with you and fight to the end.

Maximum Change in Minimum Time

Attorney Young believes in anything that benefits the safety, health, welfare and potential of children.

Support For People And Organizations In Need

Over the years, attorney Michele Young has worked with a wide array of groups and individuals. From helping free the wrongly imprisoned to advocating to end hate towards Asian American and Pacific Islanders, she is there, putting her knowledge and connections to work to solve problems. She has worked on advocacy campaigns, passed legislation to provide all Ohio women the right to advanced breast cancer screenings, and taken part in efforts to fight bigotry. In the broadest of terms, her goal in life is to make the world a better place.

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