Bringing People Together To Solve Problems

Fighting For Public Interest

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Attorney Michele Young is committed to leveling the playing field so that everyone is treated fairly. If you think you have been wronged and that it is a David vs. Goliath case, Ms. Young wants to hear from you. If an injustice occurred and no one came to your side, Michele Young wants to hear from you. If there is chance to right a wrong, Ms. Young wants to hear from you.

Convening On Things That Matter To The Community

If you have a legal issue that matters to not only you but to the community, Michele wants to hear from you. Fighting injustice and pushing for change in the legislature, courthouse, and communities across the state is at the core of Michele Young Law’s mission. When you face a problem bigger than yourself against terrible odds and know that others will suffer if you do not take a stand, it is time to call Michele Young Law.

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