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Attorney Michele Young has been advocating for people in Cincinnati, Ohio, and across the nation for her entire career. She has an extensive network in community groups, the legal community, social justice groups and nonprofit organizations. Attorney Young is typically co-counsel on cases affecting the community or society as a whole. Her contribution is more than just providing legal services; she also pulls together teams of people from diverse backgrounds to work on solving problems and bringing justice and retribution to her clients. Michele Young Law is focused on affecting real change in the community.

Active In Local Cases And Community Causes

Michele Young has been working behind the scenes on cases and causes in the public interest. She works with community leaders, advocates, and experts alike. It is not uncommon to see her involved in efforts to improve the lives of children such as bringing backpacks to kids. Some of Michele’s primary goals include:

  • Finding a way to make sure that breast cancer is no longer a major cause of death.
  • Putting an end to unchecked school bullying
  • Helping Cincinnati become the best place in the nation for children to grow up.

These are just a few of the causes Michele has put her efforts and influence behind, but she is always working tirelessly to do good in the community.

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