Bringing People Together To Solve Problems

Why Michele Young

Michele Young is a 2020 Cincinnati Enquirer Woman of the Year and the 2020 Cincinnati Bar Association‘s Julia A. Stauberg Honoree “in Recognition of an Outstanding Female Counselor for her Exemplary Service and Accomplishments.”

She is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, a former adjunct law professor in two Leadership in Community law schools, a law clerk to three federal judges, including the Hon. George Edwards, Jr. of the U.S. Court of Appeals of the Sixth Circuit, and an author of articles and co-author of a law book for the American Bar Association. Ms. Young considers it an honor and pleasure to redress each and every injustice and to serve the legal needs of each individual in need of help. Her lawyering is distinguished by an emphasis on innovativeness, integrity, non-stop hard work, and heart. She takes great pride in solving what appears to be, at first blush, an unsolvable legal problem and winning a seemingly impossible fight. She has spearheaded successful political, public interest, civic, and media campaigns, serving as an advocate in whatever capacity is needed.

Whether in the courtroom, legislature, or community, Attorney Michele Young always fights for justice for her clients. Attorney Young has won clients multimillion dollar cases, passed new laws that save lives, and worked with organizations to improve the lives of all. Attorney Young has the experience, skill, and connections to get the job done.

A Unique Ability To Bring People Together, Change Laws And Move Issues Forward

For decades, attorney Michele Young has been fighting injustice to change lives and laws. She is a strong advocate for change in the community and goes to battle in the courtroom, works with legislators to draft new laws and develops support for model legislation. By bringing together legal professionals, politicians, activists and community-based program leaders, she is able to develop strategies and create teams that can solve problems and affect change. She is not afraid to take on the bullies of this world, wherever they may be found.

Cases Where Attorney Young Has Made A Difference

Ms. Young represents the father and is part of the civil team that brought justice to the family of Gabriel Taye, the 8-year old who committed suicide after being brutally bullied. The case settled for 3 million dollars, requires changes in the way bullying is handled throughout the Cincinnati Public School system and will protect many children’s lives.

Michele Young spearheaded the recent passage of Ohio House Bill 371 with an all-star team of legislators and scientists so every Ohio woman now receives early screening of breast cancer to save lives.

Michele was part of the pro-bono effort to free the Tyra Patterson on Christmas Day 2018 for a crime she did not commit after 23 years in prison.

Discrimination in any form is never acceptable so when Asian-American Scientist Sherry Chen was wrongfully discriminated against by the U.S. government, she went to attorney Michele Young to join an uphill fight. As part of a national team, including the ACLU, the case eventually settled for over $1.5 million, one of the largest settlements paid to an individual by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Sherry also received recognition of her stellar performance as a scientist for the U.S. government.

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