A Beacon of Light, Hope and Justice for all

When you need justice, Attorney Michele Young gets the job done. Attorney Young is an all-around advocate who gets involved in the good fights that other people are unable to resolve. With bold new legal approaches, Attorney Michele Young fights injustice in whatever form it takes. She wants you to be heard. This means she takes on the hard but good fights to achieve justice for you and others.

Guiding Principles

She Tells Your Story

She Fights for Justice

Advocacy For All

She is a Change Maker

A beacon of light, hope, and justice for all.

An All-Around Advocate
Solving “Unsolvable” Problems

Attorney Michele Young likes to be involved in areas where other people are unable to solve problems. She is an attorney who has the knowledge, networks, and skills to get things done. Her goal is to be involved in big issue cases and work behind the scenes to foster change. She understands how to take an old law, improve it with the new language and get it in front of the right people to change the way things are. No matter what issue you are facing, attorney Young will find a way to help.

Consistency, Purpose And Chutzpah
Can Overcome Just About Anything

When taking on challenges with the attitude that you have nothing to lose and very little time to achieve your goal, it is surprising how often you succeed. This firm is not about making plans for achieving a goal at some unknown date down the road, it is about affecting change now. People who are marginalized or in trouble today need solutions now, not after years of meetings and debates. Attorney Young is a bold advocate who moves forward with confidence and does not let anything stand in her way. The goal is always to resolve issues in a manner that best meets each client’s unique needs.

Photo of Attorney Michele Young

This Is A Mission To See
How Far You Can Go With Goodness

Photo of Attorney Michele Young

This Is A Mission To See
How Far You Can Go With Goodness

If you are looking for justice, contact attorney Michele Young today.